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Thank you all for your moving and kind words :) It was a pleasure to get to know all of you, but I do assume that all things must come to a "natural" end. I think it would be better to end on a somewhat happy note instead of keeping the site going until no one is interested anymore and it just withers away. The thing is, I have been absent for a long time since I lost the interest in MLP, I have become disconnected from the community. This is my fault, and it is kinda unexcuseable for the admin to do this. The thing is, I was not on enough to get to know most of you which would make it hard to promote new mods. I do apologize for all the mistakes I've made while running this site, but hindsight is 20/20 and I never ran anything as big as PT. I made a lot of friends here, I lost a lot of hair too ;) So yeah, thank you for all your kind offers to mod etc. There are a lot of cool MLP Websites out there and I can focus on new projects. Who knows, maybe a new RP website in a different setting? Or something completely else? I'll use this to advertise myself here one last time: You can follow me on Twitter: And you can subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Thanks for everything!